Travelling with Neck Pillow

Travelling from one geographical location to another is something that cannot be avoided and regardless of the reason or the distance, your comfort is something that you should take care of while on the journey. You would always wish to reach your destination feeling energized and ready to pertake the next task without caring much about the means of transport used whether is air, car or rail. One of the items that can make your journey not only fulfilling but also comfortable is enjoyable is the travel pillow. The pillow has been designed in such a way that it can be easily transported and has the ability to provide maximum comfort even if the available space is too small.

Before buying a travel pillow, there are a number of features that one should carefully look at so as to choose the pillow that has the capabilities of delivering maximum levels of performance. Here are the important features that will help you determine the pillow to buy


The pillows come in different shapes and a good shape should be able to support both of your neck and back while at the same time protect you from straining while you are sleeping. Here are some of the most common shapes.

• J pillows: The pillow is J-shaped to support the chin and also provide cushion for the side and back of the head.

• U-shaped: It goes round the neck to support it. Helps one to achieve an upright posture.

• Wedge: They support back and spine.

• Cylinder

• Collar shaped.

• Travelrest

• Skyrest

Size of the pillow

The pillow must be small so as to be easily portable and at the same time must be large enough so as to take care of your comfort needs. While choosing the size, one thing that you should put in mind is the mode of travel as most of the airlines have restrictions when it comes to the size of the pillow. Some manufacturers have taken care of the size issue by designing inflatable pillows which can be filled with air so as to change the size.

Material used

Choose a pillow whose material won’t haave negative impact with your body and also you will be comfortable using. Some of the materials include: foam, polyester, beads and wool.